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Ideas for Better Bathrooms (03)

Decorate Your Toilet by Groomed Home
Decorating your toilet is fun and allows you to express yourself in a creative and unusual way. Both guests and family enjoy the whimsy or the artistry of a decorated toilet. This article provides some tips to brighten up the bathroom area. It discusses toilet atmosphere, and suggests choosing and sticking to a specific theme, whatever you choose. It discusses getting appropriate accessories to drive home the theme, and gives the example of renovating the little boy's room with colorful patterns, humorous sticks, and using the roll holder as a decorative element, e.g., a tree where each branch hosts a roll of toilet paper. It discusses how colors play a vital role. It also talks about placing interactive items in the room, such as Sudoku puzzles, magazines and books.

How-To Use Molding to Beautify Your Bathroom
The photo of a bathroom brought to life and made stylish by molding is sure to get your creative juices flowing. The nearly 40,000 bathroom modling home design photos on Houzz shows how much can be done with the simple addition of decorative molding, niches, medallions, and door trim. Click through the photos to get inspiration for remodeling or redecorating for your bathroom. It may inspire you to makeover virtually every room in your home. The site provides numerous galleries to illustrate all the different applications niches, molding, medallions, trim, etc. You can also the best and proper ways of cutting molding to insure a good seam at every joint, as well as tricks for installing and adhering molding to uneven surfaces. You can also preview a wide range of helpful videos that will detail ways to make all of your remodeling jobs easier.

13 Dreamy Bathroom Lighting Ideas
A simple pictorial slideshow with tips on how to improve and redecorate your bathroom by creating warmth and atmosphere with the right lighting. You could invest in a dimmer switch so you can change the settings to the right effect for your mood. Venetian blinds give you another batch of "settings." Some of the concepts presented are: recessed ceiling lighting behind the mirror lighting; an elegant wall sconce lighting up the side of a mirror; a mirror lit by traditional styled wall lights; for modern lighting, under mirrow light with ceivling cove lighting and recessed lights above the bathtub and wall lights that create patterns on the wall. For Hollywood lighting, lights around the mirror is the best of the style, though it is not the most practical.

Eleven Bathroom Renovation Tips
Making a bathroom homey will not only add to your family's enjoyment of the bathroom, but if done properly a tasteful remodel of the bathroom can also add to the value of your home should you even decide to sell. Here are 11 tips for your bathroom renovation project on Here they are: for an older look, consider built-ins such as recessed soap dishes and medicine cabinets; wood floor is not practical by they add great character; use a white to cream color palette to make a small bathroom look larger; understand the importance of lighting and add maybe add sconces around the bathroom mirror; maybe add a dimmer switch to add mood, such as for a late-night bath; use white or cream colored fixtures (toilet, bathtub) because other colors could look dates in a few years; consider a deocrative chair or cupboard as a design element if space permits; have plenty of hoods to hang things; don't position a toilet to face the door (it's bad feng shui); think of mirrors as design elements, so possibly add additional mirrors; and consider a beadboard to create an atnique look and to protect the lower section of walls from splashes.

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