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Ideas for Better Bathrooms (04)

Adding Bath Accessories
Learn how to install towel racks, soap dishes, toilet paper holders and handgrips. Site gives simple step-by-step directions explaining the use of bathroom adhesives and toggle bolts on lath-and-plaster walls. Site offers insider tips to help people tackle bathroom enhancements. A list of bathroom hardware installation tools is provided to assist people with do-it-yourself bathroom projects.

Bathroom Decorating Ideas on Better Home and Gardens
This Better Home and Gardens guide includes links to bathroom decorating styles that include country retreat, clean and contemporary, and time-honored tradition, all of which can be expressed through a bathroom's colors, fixtures, and fine details. The sassy sink skirts section includes homey gathering, sheer delight and center stage styles, which can cover up plumbing pipes. Whitewashed bathroom styles as well as those with color schemes are also included. In addition, nostalgic bathrooms with vintage and mixed-age materials are provided. Photos of bathroom styles complete the guide.

How To Decorate A Bathroom On A Tight Budget
Nothing can be simpler than decorating a new new bathroom, unless a tight budget is involved. This is when you need to be resourceful and use imagination. Step one is establishing what the real bdget is. The first thing that can be changed is the color scheme. This will establish what you select in all other areas. Special bathroom stickers can be used to personalize bathroom tiles. Stickers are large and quite inexpensive. Another idea is to thow out what you don't need to make room for acessories you want, such as candle supports and modern boards, which are not expensive. The site offers other articles, like budget bathroom makeovers, small bathroom design ideas on a budget, and updating a bathroom on a budget.

Bathroom Decor Ideas
Bathroom decoration ideas cheap and easy are offered. Includes how to add panache to your bathroom. Creating a new bathroom for under $50 is easy when you repaint, add new towels, change hardware, install a new medicine cabinet or frame the bathroom mirror. Final article is about summer bathroom décor, and it offers summer bathroom décor ideas.

Primitive Bathroom, Bright Paint Scheme
Designer Nan Sloan includes unique decorating tips for bathrooms. She suggests using bath-specific stores and imagination to decorate. In the TV show episode, she uses indirect lighting provided by a lamp on the toilet or vanity, instead of an overhead bathroom lighting fixture, to create a serene mood. She replaced traditional towel racks with blanket racks, and created a towel rack from an oar paddle in a nautically-themed bathroom.

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