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Bathroom Remodeling Ideas
Here you'll find ideas for bathroom design, from bathroom cabinets to bathroom sinks and everything in-between. Topics include bathroom cabinets, sinks, bathroom showers and bathtubs, toilets, bathroom lighting, and bathroom remodeling tips. Tips include getting rid of bathroom mildew, fixing a dripping toilet, increasing water pressure, and fixing loose or broken ceramic tiles. Also includes message boards, articles from industry professionals and FAQs that should help steer you to the right plan of action.

Wide Collection of Modern Bathroom Designs
This page at contains tons of blog posts showing photos of different modern, luxurious bathroom designs. Each bathroom has a unique touch of superb colors and is very rich in architectural design. Some articles focus on bathroom amenities such as spa and shower. One of them features a huge selection of extraordinary sinks that are not usually seen in average homes. There is also a dedicated post that features the stunning bathrooms by well-known interior designers. Another post shows bathroom styles from different parts of the world, including Greece, China, Russia, Italy, and the USA.

Luxury Bathrooms
This website offers some helpful tips to make your bathroom more luxurious, using otherwise inexpensive touches. Area rugs provide a touch of softness for your feet. An area rug would also add color and texture to your bathroom, and give it life. A cushy chair or bench in the bathroom is great to relax after a bath. A towel warmer may be going over the edge, but it's another great luxury bathroom must-have. Plants and flowers have a naturally calming effect on bathroom décor, as does a radio or CD player to add to the mood of the bathroom. Scented candles, fluffy and large towels, a television and even a telephone add luxury and warmth to your bathroom. Throw in a spa robe, built-in hair dryer and a fresh coat of paint on the walls and your bathroom will be decorated up to par.

Bathroom Lighting Ideas
Here's a lot of photo galleries with bathroom lighting ideas from HGTV. See and learn the effects of different lighting to make your bathroom lighting better. Illuminate your shower area for safety and ease, find the best lighting for your mirror, install lighting in your guest bathroom or make your bathroom lighting more flattering. See ideas for romantic bathroom lighting, and beautiful bathroom lights. Consider replacing cool white lamps with quality fluorescent lamps, create ambient and focal lighting, looking for lamps with a good color rendering index, installing a ceiling light over the bath tub, use lower wattage lighting, cleaning fixtures and lamps, installing dimmer lights and installing light switches.

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