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30 Small and Functional Bathroom Design Ideas for Cozy Homes
This article at contains 20 bathroom design ideas that are very much suitable for narrow but cozy homes. Each idea, which comes with stunning photos, is great for small but very functional bathrooms. There are also some tips on how to maximize the space a small washing room, which includes using a pedestal sink instead of the vanity type. To enjoy some extra space, a tall sink is recommended as long as it matches with the overall style of the interior of the bathroom. For the tiles, it is being advised to choose the larger size as they tend to make the bathroom floor bigger.

How to Light Your Bathroom Right
Like the rest of the house, the bathroom reflects consumer's changing lifestyles. More spacious and multifunctional, these once utilitarian water closets have become glamour havens—private retreats designed for relaxation, escape and self-indulgence. Whether built new or recently remodeled, today's more complex bathrooms demand intricate lighting solutions. Task lighting must be bright enough to do its job, but work well with indirect accent lighting designed to soften the room's ambience by providing a warm glow. Lighting fixtures and finishes must complement, rather than compete with plumbing accessories, tile, paint and wallpaper. Currently, nickel owns the top spot in bathroom finishes, followed closely by chrome and brass. New technology has added options as well. Fiber optics, with its remote light source, can create twinkling star effects when inset into bathroom ceilings. Halogen bulbs with their variety of sizes allow manufacturers to design more ornate light fixtures. Unusual light sources like wall sconces, skylights, and lamps perched on a table, vanity or bathroom island provide an unexpected touch. Shower lights brighten up enclosed stalls. Reading lamps by the toilet provide more focused light. Single sconces on either side of the mirror remain popular.

23 Ideas for Kids Bathroom Design
This article by Sherry Nothingam at features more than 20 different designs of bathrooms for kids. In the introduction, Sherry notes that there is no limitation when it comes to colors and shades in kids' bathrooms. Each design on this page comes with a photo and caption. Among the kids' bathroom design themes shown here are yellow rubber duck, underwater, and vivid jungle. Each bathroom has an ergonomic set up and sufficient space so kids can enjoy more, and accompanied by adequate lighting. Kids also have easy access to everything they need while they are inside the bathroom.

Bathroom Decorating Tips
When your bathroom cabinets are busting at the seams and your shelves are spilling over, it's time to get organized. Here's a feature article on bathroom decorating from that discusses how there are many simply things you can do to decorate your bathroom and give it a special touch and add vivid personality. Tips include balancing hard surfaces with soft touches, such as terry-cloth towels on an old wooden towel rack. Or offset the contrasting textures of water and soap with a flower bouquet or potted plants in glass containers. A simple white eyelet shower curtain made of the same fabric as the window curtains will also serve to offset hard surfaces.

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