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Ideas for Better Bathrooms (09)

Redecorating Your Bathroom
The bathroom is the perfect place to enjoy a spa like setting. Just by adding a nice floral arrangement, you can instantly turn your bathroom into an attractive setting. The moisture will keep your plants fresh and beautiful and it's just one of those simple tricks anyone can do. Decor Secrets Revealed is a one-day decorating ebook like no other. You cannot get it anywhere else but on this site. It's a furniture-arranging bonanza, which also covers how to arrange accessories such as art, plants, pillows, object d'art, lamps and much more. Advertisements for her book are included, so you need to buy it to get most of the tips.

Decorating a Kid-Friendly Bathroom
Tips for decorating your child's bathroom, including sticking with neutral décor, but vibrant color with accessories that can be changed as the child grows. Bright fabrics to go with a theme also work, with matching linens. For a customized look for your windows, or if you just don't like the look of conventional curtains, try cutting out a portion of the fabric around a featured pattern and using fusible backing to adhere it to a roller shade. Tips also include dressing up tiles with stencils and choosing bathmats and sink stools. You also want to keep safety in mind, and use anti-slipping mats and adhesive pads that stick to the bottom of the tub, as well as decorative faucet covers and a toilet clamp.

Dollar Store Bathroom Organizing
The Crazy Craft Lady shows how to organize a bathroom by buying $20 worth of organizing supplies from a local dollar store—after buying one $10 basket. Baskets provide storage, and are an easy, inexpensive way to add eye appeal to any room, especially the bathroom. She tackled the bathroom closet with various bins and baskets. Sheets and hand towels went into small teal baskets, with everything labeled and attached with a ribbon. Larger items like bath and beach towels were folded and stocked on a shelf, and the shelf labeled. Cleaning supplies, ironing and dog bath supplied went into separate tubs. She used drawer organizers to create order for her makeup drawer, so that lip gloss, hair clips and ties, eye shadows, and sundry tubes of lotions have a place. (Tip: place tape at the bottom of each contain to keep drawer organizers from sliding). Finally, under the bathroom sink is organized by using various plastic caddies.

Bathroom Décor fromr
Learn how to decorate your bathroom on a budget. Article advises checking plumbing before you start to make sure there are no leaks. In bathrooms with windows, fabric can make a big impact. Don't skimp on the fabric, and the room will look better. Use it on the windows, and also for the shower curtain. You can buy a very inexpensive white shower liner, and then use your own fabric to make an outside curtain for the tub area. Sheets are wonderful, and there are some great prints to work with. Wallpaper in a bathroom is beautiful. Just be aware that the moisture may cause the paper to peel or bubble. Get it on securely, and make sure the room is well ventilated. More handy tips for bathroom makeovers are included.

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