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Home Decorating Tips from Timeless Decorating Experts offers you a set of home decorating tips from iconic decorating experts such as Edith Wharton, Elsie de Wolfe, and Billy Baldwin. For Wharton, a limited color scheme is more peaceful to look at. For de Wolfe, decorating a room with simple furniture and small framed pictures on the table can stand out from the rest. On the other hand, Baldwin suggests using rugs and carpets that have a calm effect. The succeeding pages have tips from Dorothy Draper about fireplace mantel, and David Hicks' suggestions on how to choose the right colors.

6 Bright Ideas for Decorating Small Spaces
Having a small space can be frustrating when it comes to putting decorations on it. But not anymore, after you visit this page at Compiled by Lauren McPhillips, these six small space decorating ideas will help you be creative with your storage space, choose the right furniture to maximize the space, create multi-functional spaces, and learn how to use mirrors to create an optical illusion to make the space look bigger. You can also learn how to properly use every corner and how to combine glass, acrylic and lucite to make a small space friendly to the eyes.

Decorator Secrets
This special page takes you to a titled list of home decorating help, ideas, tips and features on the website with a direct click. Learn how to choose the right colors for your home, create themed headboards, how to hang wallpaper, make a floral arrangement, measure windows and more. Want to decorate a fireplace mantle or find out if shabby is your style? Visit this page to learn how. A home décor do's and don'ts list is also provided. A database of home decoration links adds to the site's resourcefulness.

Feng Shui and Water Fountains a Good Mix
If you are interested in bringing abundance and prosperity into your home (and who wouldn't be?), investing in a feng shui fountain is one way to accomplish this goal. The type of fountain is not as important as the fact that you are bringing the healing properties of water into your environment. Whether you choose to go with a garden fountain, wall mounted fountain, or tabletop version, you can use this strategy to diffuse the negative ions out of your environment. If you need to get more information, be sure to checck out the videos feng shui video tips on how to bring that postive energy into your home. One caveat, though: It's bad feng shui to put a water fountain in your bedroom!

Give Your Tabletop a New Look with an Indoor Water Fountain
Your end tables and other flat spaces in your home or office don't have to stay bare when you have the option of placing a tabletop fountain on them. If you have never thought of this decorating option before, it's high time that you did. There are a number of sizes and styles available, and you will be able to find one that fits in with the overall decorating theme of your home or office. Check out some decorating magazines or visit your local retailers to find out what is available and before you know it, you will have a beautiful new accent piece in your room.

Home Decorating Articles from SheKnows
Learn how to do the following with this handy website by SheKnows: choose a color palette for your home; arrange a narrow family room; furnish and decorate for a big family; arrange a comfortable living room; turn a dresser into a bathroom vanity; install a vanity; design a home office; arrange a family photo wall; decorate your entryway for under $100; redecorate your family room without buying anything new; paint a room; paint your kitchen table; repaint furniture; refinish a dresser; make luminarias out of paper lunch bags; decorate your foyer; make over your master bathroom; redecorate your family room in a weekend; decorate your apartment on a budget; fix up your kitchen on the cheap; fix up your bathroom on the cheap; revamp your basement; and much more.

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