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Cycling Fitness Tips for Beginners
If you want to get fit through cycling, these tips at can help you. The first part explains the three different kinds of bikes that you choose from - mountain bike, road bike, and hybrid bike. Mountain bikes are durable but are heavier than road bikes. On the other hand, road bikes are faster than mountain bikes but are not suitable for taking off road. Hybrid bikes can be used in roads and off the roads, but they are not as fast as the two other bikes. The article also discussed the vital tools and gadgets you need, as well as the types of exercises you can do. The last part contains the details of a 6-week cycling training program.

Cycling Plus
Cycling Plus takes pride in being the UK’s number one road cycling magazine. Produced and published by Immediate Media Company Ltd., the magazine is considered the road cyclist’s manual. It offers not just inspiration to cyclists of all levels; it also features various information-rich content on all things cycling. On this resource, one can find articles about biking gear and paraphernalia, health supplements, important goings-on in the world of cycling, and a whole lot more. What sets this magazine apart from the rest is that the whole editorial team—from Editor-in-chief Rob Spedding down to technical writer Simon Withers—are all bicycle riders and enthusiasts. is dubbed as the world leader in providing news about cycling since its inception in 1995. The site covers cycling news, technology, live race coverage, race photography, interviews, features, diaries, and videos. They have a page with a list of bicycle magazines you can choose from. It also showcases results from race events such as Tour de France, Giro d'Italia, and others. If you want to know more about biking and share your own biking experience, you can join their online forum for free.

Proper Bike Helmet Fitting
There's no point in wearing a helmet if it doesn't fit right enough to ensure protection and comfort. This website includes tips to get a perfect helmet fit, a helmet fit checklist, videos, and a page on one-size-fits-all helmets. Tips for fitting a bike helmet include: putting the helmet on your head so it sits evenly between the ears and rests low on your forehead. The helmet should only be about 1-2 finger widths above your eyebrow. Put foam pads in the helmet for comfort and better fitting. Tighten the chin strap as snugly as possible. Adjust the junction of front and back straps just under the ears and secure back strap without putting pressure on the front strap. More tips are included to ensure a safe, comfy bike riding experience.

Bike Spoke Length Formula and Wheel Building Information
This section on the Wheel Fanatyk blog has information on calculating spoke length based on hub and rim measurements. The site features related links, and includes information on how to build a bike wheel. Geared towards experienced rides, there are formulas on how to calculate spoke length and other pro biking information such as how to find out which lacing pattern is best for you, and other mathematical formulas to help avid bikers get the best ride for speed and comfort. If you’re a pro biker, or really interested in the mathematics and physics of biking, this is a great site to visit.

Aero Bars
Though you can buy aero bars on this website, there are a number of various manufacturer's aero bars with descriptions and specs that can be of use when buying an aero bar. Mentioned are the Vision Tech Carbon Pro Clip-on Aero Bar, Vision Tech TriMax Plus Integrated Aero Bar, Cinelli Angel Aero Bars, Profile Carbon X Bar and Eason EC90 Attack Aero Bar, just to name a few. These reviews include various aspects and features of the aero bars mentioned.

Facts About BMX Biking
BMX biking is probably one of the more popular types of bike riding. The term BMX stands for Bicycle Moto Cross, which was derived from the motocross, a kind of off-road motorcycling. Young people in the 1960s came up with the idea of using their bicycles to imitate the riding and racing styles of motocross riders. However, the bikes they used then were transport bikes that were weak in structure and were too large for off-road riding and racing. This paved the way for bicycle manufacturers to introduce BMX bikes that were specifically designed for the BMX race track. You can find more facts on BMX riding in this Livestrong article by Owen H. L. Davis.

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