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Caring for a Senior/Elder (01)

The Importance of Nutrition and the Elderly
Proper nutrition has been a growing problem in families for years--particularly with senior citizens--for a myriad of reasons ranging from lack of readily available educational resources to the inability to shop independently for necessities regularly. In an effort to bridge that educational gap, this site provides an article containing a wide range of information covering basic nutritional guidelines from the food pyramid, information about vitamin absorption, serving suggestions (how many servings and how much each should contain) and information covering healthy caloric intake. Links to other health-related topics, nutritional topics and vitamins and herbs are also available.

Caring for Aging Seniors
The members of the American Association of Homes and Services for the Aging serve two million people every day providing care for aging senior citizens. This is the homepage, which includes information on how to find a local chapter, business member directory, news and more. You can contact Congress members to discuss senior citizen health issues. Overall, this is a great clearinghouse of information for elderly seniors and children taking care of aging parents.

Preventing Alzheimer’s Disease and Finding Treatment for Alzheimer’s Disease
With Alzheimer’s Disease in the spotlight nowadays and so many people dealing with it, this site is a great resource with tips on how to prevent Alzheimer’s Disease, and how to care for an aging parent with Alzheimer’s Disease. A news section highlights the latest advancements in Alzheimer ’s disease breakthroughs, including which foods and vitamins are good for preventing Alzheimer ’s disease. There is information about the walkathon, which raises money for the foundation. A carefinder section includes information for seniors and children of aging parents to find recommended Alzheimer ’s disease care, and there is also a toll-free hotline that is available all day for questions and comments.

Chiropractor Care Information from
This web site is a comprehensive resource on spinal health, and includes a lot of information about chiropractor care. Readers will find a peer-reviewed article on the practice of chiropractic for back pain relief, the role of the chiropractor and an explanation of what a typical office visit would entail. There are additional articles on the specifics of chiropractic treatment, offering detailed descriptions of subluxation and chiropractic manipulation, and the positive effects that result.

Touch Base with Other Caregivers
If you are a caregiver, you know how exhausting and demanding the job can be. You want to help as best as you can, but it can wear on you physically and emotionally. This forum is a great way for caregivers to get support with various issues. Member blogs, an event calendar, a holiday survival guide for caregivers and a caregiver are among the useful features for caregivers. A section with activity ideas for caregivers of the elderly are included.

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