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Flower Gardening Guide
If you enjoy flower gardening or want to get into this area of gardening, then you have come to the right site. Yvonne Cunnington, author of Clueless in the Garden, a Guide for New Gardeners" has created this site to help you create the best garden ever. Yvonne can help you with shade gardening, flower gardening and offers tips to new gardeners. She is constantly updating the site with new articles and how-to tips on a variety of planting and growing topics. On this site, you can read up on garden design tips, perennials, flowering bulbs, rose gardening, shade gardening, ornamental grasses, wildflower gardens, climbing vines, easy water gardening, garden tools, buying plants online, garden trees and shrubs, garden care tips, and seeds for your garden. As you can see, you'll never get bored by spending time on this site. There is much to learn.

Setting up Hydroponic Grow Lights
Even Martha Stewart uses grow lights! This website gives a brief overview with step-by-step instructions on how to set up grow lights. The tips include installing the hood, hanging the grow light and adjusting the height of a grow light lamp.

Aquaponics & Hydroponics Systems
This website is a resourceful blend of information on aquaponics, hydroponics and other controlled environmental systems. Run by Nelson/Pade Multimedia and Consulting, they also provide aquaponics resources such as books, videos, CDs and aquaponics school curriculum teachings. The website features a section on current aquaponics projects, services offered, as well as information about greenhouses. The company can help people get started in the aquaponic industry, and offers aquaponic consulting information. They have the experience to help developing countries as well. Aquaponics can be incorporated into schools to help students learn about biology, botany, chemistry, agriculture and business.

Lettuce Varieties for Home Growing
This site, focused on Lettuce begins by describing the main types of lettuce, which are: Crisphead, summer crisp, butterhead, loose-leaf, and cos (aka Romaine). The types of lettuce are described in detail and an asterisk denotes which can be grown during the summer. Other features of this Natural Hub site include information about fruit, vegetables, nuts, and culinary herbs. Growing aids, gardening organizations, and books and magazines are also sections within the site.

Want to Buy an Outdoor Fountain? Find Out How!
You want to create a peaceful space in your back yard and you understand that installing a garden water fountain is a great way to do this. If you are on a limited budget, you can pick up a fountain kit from the local hardware store; in a situation where you have more discretionary income, you may want to consider a custom-made outdoor fountain. With the number of different choices for materials, you will be able to find something that fits in with the overall effect you are trying to achieve. Be sure to check out the tips for maintaining your garden fountain in good order.

Growing Hydroponic Tomatoes
This interactive website provides practical, accurate information on growing hydroponic tomatoes for students, hobbyists, and beginning growers. Hydroponic culture is one of the most exacting and intensive methods of crop production used in agriculture today. In the last two decades, there have been many advances in hydroponic technology through extensive research and development programs in the United States and Europe. And although hydroponics may be technology and capital intensive, it is also extremely productive and efficient in its water and land use. Whether you're interested in hydroponics as a hobby, an additional source of income, or you want to get into the commercial market, the future and opportunities in soil-less culture are favorable. This simple guide for growing hydroponic tomatoes aims to introduce people to the world of hydroponic gardening.

Advice from a Kent Garden Design Expert
This UK website by Kent garden designer Adam S. Bailey offers a plethora of articles Adam has writter for either Kent Life Magazine, Meridian Magazine or the Kent County Magazine. The articles range from organic gardening, natural planting, new trees and perennials, to garden design, ground cover, drought tolerage, composting and watering. There are also articles on such topics as romantic gardening, architectural salvage and woodland gardening.

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