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Insurance Institute for Business and Home Safety Tips for the Public
Your home is your castle, and you want to be sure that you are doing everything you can to protect it from hazards that may threaten you or your family. Visitors to the Insurance Institute for Business and Home Safety's Disaster Safety website can check out a variety of informative articles. Topics range from how to protect your home and loved ones from hazards such as wildfires, earthquakes, flooding, water damage, lightning, high winds, hurricanes and tornadoes. Hail and freezing temperatures are covered, along with building codes, public safety and protecting your business.

Training Your Puppy/Dog How to Search
This article from the Pet Care section of focuses on how owners should train their dogs and puppies when it comes to searching for something or someone. This includes the step-by-step procedures to make the training effective. And because this kind of training should be gradual, the comprehensive guide has separate explanations on each of the different stages of search training, from basic to complex. This is until the dog can easily identify the things and persons he is capable of searching. The article also suggests some tips on the proper way to give treats and rewards to obedient dogs.

Online Forum Discussion on Security Gates
If you have questions about how security gates are built, start your search for answers by visiting this online forum. You will get information about standards for this type of product, as well as find out how to get the maximum protection from a medium-security gate.

Home Safety of Special Concern to Seniors
Seniors with low vision have specific needs when it comes to home safety. To find out more about what kinds of hazards they need to be aware of, check out this series of articles covering a range of topics, from how to prevent falls to preventing carbon monoxide poisoning. Household products that present poisoning hazards are covered, along with why overheating can cause health issues for seniors. The valuable information presented here would be of interest to seniors or anyone who shares their home with a person in this age group.

Mobile Home Fire Safety Tips
People who live in mobile homes have different safety issues than those who live in other types of residences. One of the greatest dangers has to do with fire. Find out from AARP how to keep your mobile home safe with these helpful tips. AARP's page says don't bring combustible materials into your unit; don't smoke in bed or use an open flame; don't leave food unattended; be careful about trapping electric cords against walls where heat can build up; refrain from using electric space heaters and be very careful when using portable heaters, keeping combustible items at least three feet away; and only use UL-approved electric blankets and warmers, making sure cords are not frayed. Importantly, you family should have an escape plan and practice it once a month. You should also designate a meeting location away from home.

Safety Tips for Your Outdoor Fire Pit or Chiminea from shares tips that outdoor fire pit and chiminea owners can use. They include suggestions to keep in mind before using your fire pit, such as making sure that the one you are considering meets local regulations, reading the manual carefully and installing a screen to guard against sparks flying out of the area. Find out the best way to operate your backyard fire pit and how to extinguish it completely after use.

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