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How To Make Your Own Lamp
Courtesy of, this article provides entertaining instructions on how to create your own table lamp from a simple electric blender or just about anything you have in your home.

The Four Steps to Designing Your Track Lighting System
Track lighting adds beauty and style to any home lighting design. There are several steps to choosing and installing a contemporary track lighting system. Step one is choosing the track. According to this site there are three standard lighting tracks, plus several proprietary tracks. A light which fits one lighting track will not fit the others, so it is important to know which lights you wish to use before purchasing your track. Step two in installing your track lighting is Layout and Power. Choosing the proper track layout is the key to creating a contemporary lighting effect. An important aspect of your track lighting is how to supply power to the system and there is an in-depth discussion of various power supply units. Step three is choosing your lamps, whether low voltage or line voltage. This site discusses the different types of lamps and will help you decide which is best suited for your home lighting needs. There is also an in-depth discussion of bulb types, connectors, track suspension kits, and special lenses which can create different effects and moods.

Installing Recessed Lights
A step-by-step instructional tutorial about installing recessed lights, the site features installing eyeball-type lighting and downlights. Ideas for spacing lights and finding lighting joists is included with descriptive diagrams. How to disconnect and remove current lighting fixtures is explained, as is cutting drywall for lighting installation. Lighting wiring and specifics of installation are featured. All step-by-step lighting tips are accompanied by interactive video. A lighting materials and tools list is included to ensure all supplies are available.

Home Electrical and Lighting Projects on This Old House
The electrical section on This Old House's website offers how to fix wiring problems, installing and using dimmer switches, lighting for senior citizens and lighting for nicer home decoration. Home lighting falls in three categories: ambient, task, and accent. The main living areas of a home should have a flexible combination of all three. Ambient lighting provides general illumination - the background brightness that gives a room a comfortable glow. It helps you move through a room safely and easily. Indirect uplights, such as wall sconces, light rooms softly and evenly for a diffuse effect. For senior citizens, increased wattage and luminosity are just the beginning. Not only does an older eye need a 100-watt lamp where a 60 once sufficed, but it also needs consistent light, whiter light, and glare-free light.

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