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Investing in Residential & Commercial Real Estate

The Surprising Myth About Investing in Real Estate
The I Will Teach You to be Rich blog provides practical investment tips in a friendly tone. This particular post talks about possible reasons for buying a home. The usual reasons behind a property investment are moving out of rented properties, saving money, building collateral, and getting tax benefits. The article emphasizes on the importance of numeric calculations for investment planning. The article suggests that a property investor must know the math first in order to make a sound investment decision. The article also tries to dispel some apparent myths about real estate investing.

How to Invest in Hotel Real Estate
This Crowd Street guide teaches real estate investors about how to invest in hotels. As commercial real estate investments are highly dependent on supply & demand cycles, the market volatility impacts the profitability and margins of an individual investor. In hotel investments, the market volatility is instantly felt through room occupancy rates, revPAR, and other key metrics. The redeeming feature of hotels, though, is that owners can daily revise the room rents based on market shifts. This article focuses on an asset class overview, key metrics for measuring hotel performance, and some tips on using the available information to make informed investment decisions.

How to Invest in Real Estate Through Crowdfunding
The digital age has disrupted every major industry including real estate investing. This Crowd Crux article discusses the investment opportunities present in a crowdfunding program. The article takes the reader through a detailed tour of crowdfunding essentials, with some practical guidance to make the journey painless. The practical tips provided for crowdfunding include selecting a good website, starting small, understanding different platforms, connecting with a community of investors, and learning at every step. The learning process can include signing up for crowdfunding newsletter, browsing through industry blogs and forums, and taking advantage of other online resources like webinars, podcasts on this topic.

What You Should Know About Investing in the Hotel Industry by Motley Fool
This Motley Fool article provides many interesting statistics about the global hotel and lodging industry. The article also talks about investment options in the hotel industry that spans form independent owners with single hotels to huge hotel chains with hundreds of hotels spread over the globe under a common management. According to this article, the U.S. hotel industry boasts 4.9 million hotel rooms with annual sales volumes surpassing $155 billion. On the other hand, the global hotel industry revenue stands between $400 billion and $500 billion. The Hospitality Properties Trust has invested about $7.7 billion across 300 hotels and 185 travel centers in the U.S. and Canada. Host Hotels & Resorts, another chain, owns different brands like Ritz-Carlton, Four Seasons, and Le Meridien.

Will Miami Real Estate Market Keep Growing?
The Ocean Drive website presents the 2015 Miami real estate market outlook, which was basically a demand-driven market. The article had forecasted that owing to the long recession, the maximum returns that real estate investors could expect in the Sunshine City in 2015 was about 10 to 12 percent. The international traffic flow from Latin America, Europe, and Russia was steadily feeding the development prospects in Miami real estate market. The global currency was something to watch, with real estate developers obligated to fulfill financial requirements before constructing any new property in Miami.

7 Reasons to Invest in Real Estate Now
Money Crashers in this article explains seven reasons why a real estate investor should invest in 2011. The 2011 market, according to this article, was most opportune for investment activities. The reasons listed for real estate investments in this article are low property prices, low interest rates, booming rental market, high volume of renters after foreclosing of properties, renters preferring private landlords, the booming short sale market, and the longevity of real estate investments. The article ends with some advice for the prospective investor looking for great bargain deals in a low value but high opportunity market.

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