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Household Tips from the Carey Brothers of On The House
This is a huge list of general household tips of brothers James Carey and Morris Carey of On The House. Here, the Carey Brothers offer solutions to common problems at home such as how to remove a stuck-up Allen screw, how to avoid losing small parts, and how Alka Seltzer can be used to cleaning greasy pans and for clearing clogged toilets. There is a particular article that explains the different uses of baking soda other than for baking. Another article talks on how your family or house visitors can avoid from falling off the stairs.

Fitting A Kitchen by Dave's DIY Tips
This site offers help and advice on fitting your kitchen. According to the site, if you have do-it-yourself experience, you should be able to do this. Sections include the basic tool requirements, site preparation, general fitting, base units, worktops, wall units, and final finishing. The sections have instructions and pictures.

Patio Fire Pit Types
Which one of the patio fire pit types available on the market is right for you? Explore your options by visiting this informative site. Once you have a firm grasp of the difference between campfire, pre-fab, chiminea and in-ground fire pits, you can start thinking about whether you can install your own or if you should be considering getting professional help for the project. No matter which way you decide to proceed, you can look forward to many enjoyable hours beside your finished patio fire pit.

Auto Body Rapair Painting Forum
This discussion forum specializes in the niche auto body repair topic of auto painting. Check it out to share your knowledge and experience or see what other users have posted online. Topics include touching up auto paint, technical discussions and general topics. Westwood Auto Body, on Westwood Blvd. just north of Olympic Blvd., provides expert auto paint Los Angeles, with high-quality paint and clear coat.

Manual for Manufactured and Mobile Home Repairs and Upgrades
Help for the consumer needing to repair or just plain understand their manufactured home is available here. Choose from articles on adding on to your mobile home, cutting down a new exterior door, installing a ceiling fan, adding a fixture shut-off value, tightening a loose electrical outlet box, leveling your home and determining whether rubber roofing is right for you or news on how HUD can help in emergency situation and the questions you should ask before purchasing a manufactured home. Seasonal tips, like information on furnaces, appear from time-to-time, and consumers can place ads for buying and selling mobile homes.

DIY Auto Body Repair: Paint Your Car at Home
Not all auto painting is done in at an auto body shop, and Internet users who are curious about doing the work at home should check out this site. It explains the steps involved in doing auto body painting properly and points out that the majority of the time spent on auto painting is taken up by the preparation stages. The site also points out that people considering doing their own auto body painting need to familiarize themselves with local environmental regulations before starting to work.

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