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Rental Tips from CRX (Car Rental Express)
The Car Rental Express site lists a number of informative articles which will benefit consumers looking for a car rental. Get general rental tips, find out what type of car to rent, how to rent one without a credit card and special deals available to senior drivers. Other articles listed on the site include ones on cheap rental cars, where a driver can rent a luxury SUV, what to do if an accident occurs while driving a rented vehicle, and many more. For 18 year old car rental in Los Angeles, see Rent A Wreck LA, which is owner operated and celebrating 60 years of in business this year. For a Venice Beach car rental, Marathon Car Rental--an independent auto renting company that provides great rates, and pick-up service on the West side of Los Angeles, including Santa Monica, Culver City, and Venice Beach.

How to Save Some Space if Home Office is Small
Having a small home office space can be a problem, but this article at can help you solve that. Among the ideas mentioned are rollout desk, maximizing the space on your wall, low shelving, a countertop over the heater, creative shelving, pull-out desk drawer, chalkboard wall, and a dual-purpose monitor. All of them come with a sample photo that you can use as a guide. A particular design of a wall shows a horizontal hanging rod for storing pencils, pens and other small items within easy reach. A light fixture is also mounted to the wall, along with an articulating arm to push off the light when not in use.

3 Low Cost Start-ups: Fitness Center, Car Rental & Hotel shares stories of three business owners who launched their own enterprises on a budget, including a car rental agency. If you are thinking of doing the same, you may be able to get some inspiration from reading about these business success stories. A person who is interested in setting up a car rental company doesn't need to have an entire fleet of vehicles to start; the business can get launched with only a couple of cars.

What to Consider When Choosing Auto Body Shops
Being involved in an auto accident is bad enough, and consumers don't want to continue to feel that they have been victimized by choosing the wrong body shop after the fact. This informative article offers good suggestions to drivers who need to get their vehicle repaired. Drivers can get a list of auto body shops from their insurance company and they should make a point of checking out the ones they are most interested in before choosing that shop to fix the vehicle following the incident. In search for a good auto body Los Angeles services? See Westwood Auto Body on the west side at Westwood Blvd. north of Olympic.

The National Association for the Self-Employed
The National Association for the Self-Employed has been around since 1981 helping the ever-growing legions of self-employed people in this country. If you are self-employed or thinking about becoming self-employed you may want to join the NASE and receive a wide range of benefits, including buying discounted office supplies, discounted auto insurance, and even access to affordable health insurance. You will also be kept up-to-date on any and all pending legislation, which affects the life and the pocketbook of the self-employed.

Organization Wellness by WFC Resources
This site is an information clearinghouse for helping employers create an effective and supportive workplace. The idea is that successful companies have a dual agenda of meeting business goals but also enabling employees to meet their personal responsibilities. The information includes trend reports, special reports, work-life e-courses research, surveys, briefs, news, articles and more. Workplace childcare, a discussion forum, tips, a work-life calendar and more is offered. Information about leading and managing employees for small business owners is also presented. This is a good connection point for those interested in the work and family life balance.

Create a File System That Works
Organize your home office with these easy tips that help you set up and create a filing system. Supplies needed are filing cabinet(s), file folders, a label maker, file section dividers, and pens. If your paper is in piles, boxes or all over the house or office, set aside a few days to sort through it all. Separate the types of paper you need to keep track of. Start to label your categories and you can have as many as you want but it is a good idea not to have too many. Make sure each one is named clearly so there is no confusion about what is in that section. Divide up folders according to banking and loans, properties and utilities to start. Good tips for those who work from home and need help setting up a home office as well.

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