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Home Maintenance Tips from
This dedicate page at contains some useful home maintenance tips. This includes tips on how to maintain a fireplace, deck, sump pump, pool and spa, and gutter. A specific article is how to choose firewood while another one has advices on how to prevent water damage. You can also read helpful articles for maintaining house for different seasons and during the holidays. A separate post explains some safety guides when installing Christmas lights. There are also monthly tasks for the entire year, from January to December.

Home Organization, Moving, Storage and Cleaning Tips
This series of articles from covers everything you need to know about moving or storage of items around the home. Start with 12 tips and tricks for getting your home ready for a move. There's a basic tool kit for organizing household projects, tips for what to do before the moving truck arrives with all of your stuff, tips for organizing and storing Christmas decorations, and an article about a mudroom makeover. (If you don't know what a mudroom is, thank your lucky stars!). Those articles barely scratch the surface of what this site offers in the way of helpful hints, tips and advice on moving and storing virtually everything in your home. There are 69 articles covering Home cleaning tips alone. This is a huge site that is sure to have the answer to whatever storage or moving question you might have.

Organized Zone
Creative Organizing for home and office can be yours with this website of a professional organizer. Services include residential organizing, de-cluttering rooms, space-saving storage solutions, moving organization, home office organizing and more. Includes home office organizing tips that include addressing clutter in blocks of time, keeping a trash can, file folders and labels on hand, clearing the space you want to organize, evaluating the need of each item, keep sorting and enlist the assistance of a partner to help organize the home office.

Organize Your Garage to Get the Car Back In
A garage is meant as a place to keep and repair a vehicle, like a car. For many people, it's been a lot of years since their car has seen the inside of their garage. If that describes your garage, this site recommends putting your garage back in order and returning it to its original function, housing an automobile. The first step is empty the garage, and if that's not possible, then at least get the bulkier items out and work on one half at a time. Start by throwing out anything that you haven't used in the past year and don't honestly see yourself using any time soon. Be ruthless. The more you toss the less you have to organize. Next purchase ten large plastic tote boxes with lids. Label the plastic boxes and begin separating items into the boxes. Labels might include such things as Garden Tools, Car Repair, Plumbing Parts, etc. Shelves are easy to put up and can hold lots of small items. Purchase shoebox-sized plastic boxes and label them for holding small items such as nails, screws, sandpaper, screwdrivers, etc. Things like shovels, brooms and rakes can be hung on the wall with special clasps made just for such a purpose that you can find in your local hardware store. Take car batteries and old oil to a recycling center, then sweep and hose out the garage, replace any burned out light bulbs—and move your car indoors!

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